Optimizing Natural Fertility

Optimizing Natural Fertility

5 steps for optimizing natural fertility Stacey Roberts, nationally known natural fertility expert, offers couples a fertility plan for optimizing natural fertility. The Fertility Bible: Your Five Step Fertility Solution™ is a program she developed that has helped couples achieve their dreams of starting a family. We are fortunate to have Stacey on staff at…

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Emotional Health and Infertility

The connection between emotional health and infertility At our natural medicine clinic near Milwaukee, we are strong believers in the mind-body connection. Researchers at University of California, Berkeley have discovered a connection between emotional health and infertility. First, stress boosts production of glucocorticoids, such as cortisol, which are also known as stress hormones. Then, these…

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Ticks Carrying Lyme Disease

Study confirms: Ticks carrying Lyme disease found in Eastern U.S. National Parks Our natural medicine clinic near Milwaukee specializes in the treatment of Lyme disease. It can be difficult to treat, especially if it isn’t diagnosed in its earlier stages. At Serenity Health Care Center, part of our mission is to inform people about the…

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When to Have Allergy Testing

3 signs that it’s a good time to pursue allergy testing How do you know if it’s time to talk about allergy testing for you, your child or family member? The health professionals at our natural medicine clinic near Milwaukee are always here to help you with answers, expert diagnosis and treatment and advice. Here…

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All Detox Diets Are Not Equal

Detox diets are trendy today. While each fad diet varies, typical characteristics are fasting followed by a strict diet of raw vegetables, fruits and water. Some detox diets also include colon cleansing and supplements. We’re constantly bombarded with novel detox diets and products in the media. Like most fad diets, there is little evidence that…

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Gluten Sensitivity Questions

Gluten causes health issues for people who are sensitive to foods containing gluten. If you have gastrointestinal problems or irritable bowel syndrome, gluten could be your problem. In fact, research shows that a gluten-free diet may improve many symptoms in a variety of illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Is gluten causing your health…

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Leptin Called Obesity Hormone

Leptin, often called the obesity hormone, plays a significant role in regulating appetite and body weight. As weight decreases, leptin falls to stimulate your appetite. When body weight increases, levels should decrease to suppress appetite. If your levels are abnormal, it has a negative effect on your weight and overall health. Learn about leptin and…

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