Thermography Imaging Technology, DITI

Thermography DITI Imaging Technology Non-invasive testing for breast cancer

Since the 1950’s mammograms have been the gold standard in the diagnosis of breast cancer. At Serenity Health Care Center we are pleased to offer a non-invasive test for breast screening, called Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI).

The alarming facts are that 1 in 8 women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis.  DITI’s role in breast cancer and other breast disorders is to help in early detection and monitoring of abnormal physiology and the establishment of risk factors for the development or existence of cancer.  DITI is appropriate for younger women under 50 years of age.  DITI can be used as a “clinical marker” for subsequent imaging with mammography. DITI was approved by the FDA in 1982 and some insurance carriers cover thermal imaging.

When used with other procedures the best possible evaluation of breast health is made.  This 15 minute noninvasive test is a valuable procedure for alerting your doctor or specialist to the possibility of underlying breast disease.

What is DITI used for and who should have this procedure?

This test is designed to improve chances for detecting fast-growing, active tumors in the intervals between mammographic screenings or when mammography is not indicated by screening guidelines for women less than 50 years of age.

Why is DITI non-invasive and why is it useful for breast imaging?

DITI is a 15 minute,  non-invasive test as there is no contact with the body and no radiation.  The advanced scanning  technology uses thermal imaging (highly sensitive digital thermal camera) to take a high-resolution image of your body.

Functional changes in the breast tissue are looked for by our clinically certified thermographers which can often be an indicator of breast diseases such as, fibrocystic breast disease or breast cancer.


Is DITI or thermal imaging a replacement for mammograms?

No, it isn’t a replacement but women can use thermal imaging in addition to mammogram and ultrasound.  Thermal imaging detects subtle changes to the breast that accompany breast pathology.  DITI is a safe and effective screening modality that does not use radiation.  Dependent upon your personal and family medical history, an annual comparative DITI imaging study is recommended.

Is DITI imaging covered by health insurance?

The answer depends on your health insurance plan.  Traditional insurance does not cover this service but Flex spending and Health Savings Accounts will often cover this with a medical order from your doctor. At Serenity Health Care Center we accept cash, check, and credit cards.  Please call our office for more information.

At Serenity Healthcare Center, all patients thermogram (breast images) are kept on record and form a baseline for all future routine evaluations.

Call Serenity Health Care Center at 262-522-8640 to schedule your Breast thermography. DITI imaging is performed at Midwest Thermal Imaging.

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Breast thermography is approved by the FDA and is  a covered benefit on some insurance plans.