Optimizing Natural Fertility


5 steps for optimizing natural fertility

Optimizing Natural FertilityStacey Roberts, nationally known natural fertility expert, offers couples a fertility plan for optimizing natural fertility. The Fertility Bible: Your Five Step Fertility Solution™ is a program she developed that has helped couples achieve their dreams of starting a family. We are fortunate to have Stacey on staff at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee. Stacey offers couples five tips for optimizing natural fertility.

  1. Optimizing natural fertility begins with an optimally balanced diet.

    Balanced hormones depend on both men and women getting the right nutrition. A good diet includes the proper balance of proteins, good fats and low-glycemic carbohydrates. This can include raw and cooked whole foods.

  2. Minimize your exposure to toxins.

    When optimizing natural fertility, it’s important to recognize the harm that toxins in your environment can cause. We call those toxins endocrine disruptors because they alter the proper function of the endocrine system. Toxins are all around us -things like first- or second-hand cigarette smoke or chemicals found in soft drinks. Excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol can also cause problems.

  3. Take the proper vitamins and herbs.

    Stacey believes that taking a very precise mix of supplements that includes vitamins and herbs is very important for optimizing natural fertility. Each vitamin and herb is an important part of the plan because they work together to achieve the optimal results.

  4. Get the proper amount of exercise.

    There are several ways that exercise helps with optimizing natural fertility.

    • Reduces stress
    • Provides a better quality of sleep
    • Improves and regulates endocrine function
    • Normalizes blood sugar levels

    The best method is a combination of cardio and resistance exercise, performed at least two to three times per week for 30 to 45 minutes per session.

  5. Address the mind/body connection.

    Emotional health and infertility are closely linked. When you are stressed, your body releases stress hormones that can interfere with your body’s production of the important, primary sex hormone, GnRH, gonadotropin-releasing hormone. Reducing stress with meditation, yoga or counseling will reduce the amount of stress hormones you produce, optimizing natural fertility.

Stacey and Serenity Health Care Center are here to help you with our mind-body approach to fertility treatment. We offer a preconception program for couples who are planning pregnancy in the next few years. Contact us at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee.

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