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5 Diet Changes that Can Improve Your Life


For most of us, food is a focal point in our lives. Not only do we eat to live, but we celebrate and socialize with food. Research shows that eating the right foods can help us live longer and healthier lives. Foods can prevent and/or control many chronic illnesses. Here are five diet changes that can improve your life. Isn’t it time that you start eating for your health.

  • Diet Changes: Limit processed and red meats

You consume less saturated fat and eat more vegetables when you limit the amount of processed and red meat in your diet. Replacing red meat with fish makes it less noticeable. Or, enjoy a meatless dinner by choosing some vegetables that you really enjoy. This is especially easy when you eat what is in season.

  • Diet Changes: Add Nuts and Oils

Generous quantities of olive oil, nuts and avocados can help reduce your risk of plaque build-up in your arteries. Foods high in monounsaturated fats are good for you.

  • Diet Changes: Eat some berries

Berries are lauded as superfoods for a reason. These nutrient-rich morsels are packed full of antioxidants. Studies show that berries may help lower blood pressure, improve blood vessel function and slow mental decline and aging. Add an assortment of blue and red berries to your diet—from cranberries to strawberries to blueberries and more.

  • Diet Changes: Include a variety of fruits and vegetables

Studies show that people who consume a range of fruits and vegetables daily have a reduced risk of many chronic diseases. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Choose a variety of colors for maximum benefits—dark leafy greens, reds, yellows and orange vegetables and fruits can add up to boost your health.

  • Diet Changes: Consider a Mediterranean diet

Strong research is showing that the Mediterranean diet is an excellent way to eat healthier. This tasty food is easy to prepare. Check out our recipe to see for yourself. Join one of Coach Pam’s affordable classes to learn more about Mediterranean food and healthy eating.

Watch for our health eating events. Classes are small and informal, so they are a fun way to learn about foods. If you have questions on nutrition and its impact on your life, call Serenity Health Care Center for a consultation.

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