Erica Linn MSN takes a functional approach to seizures

Erica Linn MSN takes a functional approach to seizuresErica Linn MSN helped two young patients this year by taking a functional approach to seizures. Erica, like all of the dedicated practitioners at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee, doesn’t stop searching for answers. Like everyone on our medical detective team, she looks for explanations that may not be mainstream but could be successful.

She advises patients not to give up, stating, “If you or someone you love is having seizures, it’s always worth getting another opinion or perspective. We have a different take, and we look at things differently.” Here are two of her patients’ stories.

A functional approach to seizures helped a little girl with continuous nighttime episodes

Erica Linn took a functional approach to seizures when she began diagnosing and treating a three-and-a-half-year-old girl who had continuous seizures in her sleep. The little girl had been developing normally until the age of 15 months when she stopped talking, walking and crawling more than a few feet. Traditional medicine diagnosed her with a type of epilepsy that causes continuous nighttime seizures. Erica said, “We didn’t know what her potential was for recovery. She had been to a lot of places and seen many specialists in the two years before she came to see us.”

Erica’s functional approach to seizures focused on the little girl’s mitochondria, organelles that provide energy to the cells. Although conventional medical doctors had also looked at her mitochondria, they had not used the tools Erica Linn had at her disposal.

She said, “What we did was simple. By using supplements, particularly vitamin B12 injections, to support her mitochondria, we were able to help her cells work better. The vitamin B12 helped her mitochondria detoxify properly, and the seizures stopped in less than four months of treatment.”

A teenage boy with seizure-like episodes recovers in less than three months

In another case, Erica’s functional approach to seizures helped a 15-year-old boy who had been having seizure-like episodes for over a year. Conventional medicine providers said the boy had a conversion disorder, a psychiatric condition, stating that his episodes were to get attention. Fortunately, his mother didn’t accept that answer and came to see Erica Linn.

After testing, Erica discovered that the boy had low cortisol levels, an indication of long-term stress. She said, “When we worked on that by supporting his adrenals and cortisol levels, he stopped having these seizure-like episodes. As part of our functional approach to seizures, we treated him with herbs and prescription hydrocortisone to mimic what healthy adrenals do.”

He began treatment in February 2018, and by March, his episodes had gone from several times a week to once a week. By the end of April, he had been seizure-free for three weeks. Erica said, “He was able to get back to doing the normal stuff that teenage boys want to do. It’s a big deal, and parents don’t take lightly to having the mainstream system essentially give up on their kids.”

Helping patients get healthy by taking a functional approach to seizures is always a happy event at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee. As Erica Linn notes, the day the little girl’s mother brought her in to say she had stopped having seizures “…was a great day. It was a very good visit.” Patients or parents of patients who are struggling with seizures or other chronic problems should contact us for an appointment.

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