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About Skin Type Solutions

About Skin Type Solutions

How does it work?

The science-based skin care system from Skin Type Solutions develops a personalized skin care routine based on your unique Baumann Skin Type®. Get your personalized skincare regimen recommendation by taking our Skin Type Quiz. Or Shop Now from a selection of the best dermatologist recommended skincare brands.

Why should I take the Quiz?

Get the best treatment possible with our fine-tuned product lines. After determining your skin type, you will have access to the most suitable moisturizers, eye creams, sunscreens, masks, toners, supplements, serums and more. Your skin will be nourished and protected all year round. We will provide all the products you need to keep your skin happy, healthy, and beautiful.

With our Skin Analysis Quiz powered Skin Type Solutions, you’re getting more than just the right skin care products from high-quality, exclusive brands. Thanks to our extensive resources, you will also receive in-depth explanations about your skin type and why it acts the way it does, expert dietary and lifestyle advice that leads to beautiful skin, exciting updates on the latest cosmetic procedures and skin treatments, and year-round skin care advice to ensure you treat your skin correctly in all seasons and weather.