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Amy Hoffman, NP

Amy Hoffman, NP, AGPCNP

Amy Hoffman, NP

Amy Hoffman, NP, AGPCNP, is a Board-Certified Adult-Gerontology Primary Nurse Practitioner and treats a wide variety of conditions, including Serenity’s Gastrointestinal Program and Ultrasound Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction.

Amy Hoffman, NP Credentials include:

  • Master of Science, Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology
  • ANCC Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner (ACPCNP-BC)
  • Lyme Literate Practitioner with ILADS certification

Practitioner, Master of Science in Nursing

With an advanced degree in nursing and psychology, Amy understands the importance of psychological health impacting physical health.

Amy is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner (AGPCNP*) who joined Serenity Health Care Center as a holistic practitioner. After working in ICU, Amy noticed that the patients were being treated based on their symptoms and not as a whole person. Amy sought to treat patients as individuals with unique physical, psychological, and spiritual needs instead of as individual symptoms.

Amy offers various services for adults, including medical and psychological diagnostic evaluation and treatment using the most effective holistic and integrative protocols. Her focus is on preventing the onset of chronic disease and finding the root cause of chronic illness and autoimmune disease.

Amy is excited to implement treatment protocols taught by groups like A4M, ACAM, IFM, and AAEM.

She is passionate about working with women and preventing age-related diseases through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and the environment’s role in our health. Amy has been trained by the industry’s best hormone practitioners: Dr Jonathan Wright, Pam Smith, Ron Rothenberg and Terry Hertoghe.

* AGPCNP -adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner

Education, Certification and Training

  • Master of Science, Nursing – Marquette University – 2013
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee– 2008
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology – University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – 2003
  • Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner (AGPCNP-BC)
  • Critical Care Nurse Practitioner – 2014-2015
  • St Luke’s Medical Center – 2008-2015
  • ICU Nurse – 2008-2014 with CCRN certification
  • Trained under Dr Jonathan Wright, Pam Smith, Ron Rothenberg & Terry Hertoghe

Amy Hoffman, NP, specializes in treatment of the following conditions:

  • Lyme Disease
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Gastrointestinal & Systemic Problems
  • Erectile Dysfunction & Sexual Dysfunction (Ultrasound Therapy and PRP trained)
  • Thyroid Dysfunction (Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism & Hashimoto’s Disease)
  • Adrenal Fatigue & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Toxic Mold, Heavy Metals & Allergies
  • Detoxification
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Weight Loss & HCG Weight Loss
  • Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain