Our thermography center offers comprehensive thermography services

Our thermography center helps us diagnose patients at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee. Our thermography imaging technology, DITI, helps our practitioners screen for breast cancer, sports medicine injuries and inflammation. We can also confirm Lyme disease.

Thermography imaging technology at our thermography center

At our thermography center, we employ this noninvasive technique to create a visual map of the skin’s surface temperature changes. This technology is extremely sensitive to small fluctuations in temperature that may indicate changes in the body’s muscle, skeletal, neural or vascular systems. The practitioners at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee have relied upon thermography as a diagnostic tool for over a decade.

We’re here for women who need breast cancer screening

Breast cancer is most curable when it’s detected in the early stages, so women are eager to find tools to help them in their battle against cancer. At our thermography center, we perform breast thermography as an adjunct screening test. Women often schedule thermography, in addition to annual screening mammograms, to improve their chances of detecting changes in breast tissue.

Our practitioners can help diagnose patients with sports medicine injuries

Patients come to our thermography center for sports medicine thermography for several reasons.

  • A differential diagnosis of muscular, skeletal or tissue injuries
  • A prognosis as to when to expect to return to sports
  • A clinical assessment of how the patient is responding to treatment

Patients who need a second opinion benefit from our technology

Many patients visit the medical detectives at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee for a second opinion about what is causing their pain or illness. Our experienced staff often employs alternative technology, such as thermography, to detect potential issues. At our thermography center, our skilled practitioners rely on this noninvasive technology because it can uncover inflammation, which may indicate an infection, injury or chronic illness.

We’ve been employing thermography to help patients for almost a decade

Medical thermography is FDA-approved as an adjunct imaging procedure that can be used in conjunction with other imaging procedures, such as MRIs, CTs or mammograms. Patients who come to our thermography center can rest assured that the procedure they receive is safe, pain-free, emits no radiation and is free of side effects.

To learn more about thermography or make an appointment, contact the staff at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee.