Why Phone or Zoom Consultations Could Be Right For You!


You can talk from the comfort of your own home, where you may feel more relaxed, focused, and in-tune with your consultation. If you’re battling symptoms, it may be easier (and healthier) to receive consultation remotely.


Wisconsin’s winter storms can be severe. If roads are bad, traffic is slow, or something else interferes with your schedule, you won’t have to worry about commuting to the clinic.


Some of our patients travel long distances to meet with our practitioners – a phone consultation can save you time and money spent traveling. For our patients with kids, you won’t need to spend money on babysitters or day care.


If a practitioner has sudden openings (and you’re able to fit a different slot into your schedule), you could meet with them sooner than the original scheduled date – without having to commute.

For patients who still prefer to see practitioners visually, we can offer Zoom Video Consultations as well! Please contact our office for information on phone or Zoom consultations!

*Disclaimer – Please contact our office or PCP to see which consultation type is right for you. Some patients will still need in-person consultations.

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