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Bio-Terrain Assessment Offers Personalized Therapy


Bio-Terrain assessment is used to understand the elements within an individual’s body chemistry. Instead of simply treating symptoms, Bio-Terrain assessments help reveal underlying causes of a patient’s illness. This leads to solutions to restore your overall health.

This non-invasive assessment offers personalized therapy for a variety of health issues. We’ve had success with a specialized program for chronically ill Lyme disease patients. Find out more about it at Personalized Bio Terrain Therapy for Lyme Disease.

Bio-Terrain Assessment for Lyme Disease
                          Bio-Terrain Assessment for Lyme Disease

Other chronic diseases that could potentially benefit from Bio-Terrain assessment are staph, strep, mycoplasma, Epstein Barr and bartonella.

Today, we use Bio-Terrain to define an individual’s biochemistry based upon blood, urine and saliva. The results allow us to personalize a treatment plan. It is pain-free, safe and appropriate for any age. Personalized Bio-Terrain therapy sessions require six visits within a 14-day timeframe. Patients see gradual improvement over a three-month timeframe. Treatment consists of:

  • Bio-magnetic pairing
  • Crania sacral work
  • Detoxification
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Ondamed treatment
  • Sacral Occipital Technique blocking

An unhealthy lifestyle, environmental toxins or chronic disease can all affect your terrain. When your terrain is out of balance, few if any treatments work well. Bio-Terrain assessment puts a stop to the endless cycle of chasing and treating symptoms. It gets to the root of the problem by determining the primary biological dysfunction(s) that need to be treated.

A 19th century physiologist, Claude Bernard, is credited with the original bio-terrain concept of a cell’s environment determining its function. After years of research, Dr. Robert Greenberg designed the assessment device in 1994. He continues to be recognized today as a leading authority on Bio-Terrain.

This assessment is a valuable tool in analyzing and monitoring the treatment progress or regression in chronic diseases. It’s a way that you can take control and get your health back on track.

If you, your child or other family member is struggling to manage a chronic disease, call Serenity Health Care at 262.522.8640 to find out if Bio-Terrain assessment has the potential to help you.

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