Eating Gluten Free

Serenity Health Care Center – It’s back to school time and parents often struggle to find a healthy alternative to school lunch as if this […]
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Does diet affect neurological disorders: Autism, Attention Deficit, Tourette’s and anger disorders?

Does diet affect neurological disorders such as Autism, Attention Deficit, Tourette’s and anger disorders? There has been a great deal of talk around diet and […]
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Do you know if your food is NON-GMO?

How do you know if the food you feed your family is GMO (genetically modified organism)? These are important questions to ask and answers to have […]
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Tension or the Essence of Health and Vitality

There appears to be a new disease called Tension!  Many Americans suffer from this condition, feeling tense, anxious, nervous, and frustrated.  Do you suffer from […]
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Gluten-Free Resources

Our staff at Serenity Health Care Center is often asked what are good resources for gluten free cookbooks? We have put together a list of […]
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