The Differences Between Acute and Chronic Lyme Disease

What patients need to know about the differences between acute and chronic Lyme disease The Lyme literate practitioners at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee understand […]
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We can understand and see your pain with Inflammation Thermography

Inflammation is part of your natural healing process in response to infections and injuries. Your inflammatory response is a healthy way for your body to […]
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Benefits of Thermography

Learn the benefits of thermography We want you to know about the benefits of thermography, a technology we offer at our functional medicine clinic near […]
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What Causes Low "T" Testosterone (Male Hypogonadism)

Why causes low testosterone? Injury, radiation, chemotherapy, and prostate cancer can affect testosterone levels.  Testosterone naturally starts to declines at age 30 and continues to […]
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Is COVID affecting you in the bedroom:

Erectile Dysfunction and COVID Is COVID causing issues in the bedroom? Men have additional reasons for being concerned about their love life after being infected […]
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Are You Too Tired To Tango?

If a man has problems getting or maintaining an erection up to 20 percent of the time he has sex, that’s considered normal. If problems […]
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7 Possible Causes of Crashing Fatigue (and How to Fix It)

It doesn't matter how much sleep you get. You are physically exhausted. You may also be mentally and emotionally exhausted. You suffer from chronic fatigue. […]
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Doxycycline for Lyme: Why Antibiotics Alone Aren't Enough

Lyme Disease is a complex and challenging disease to manage. Scientists and doctors are still learning about how it works and how to best treat […]
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What Is A Brain Neurotransmitter Lab?

What Is A Brain Neurotransmitter Lab? Serenity Health Care Center offers Brain Neurotransmitter testing at it's functional medical clinic in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Are you a […]
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What Is A Microbiome Stool Panel?

What Is A Microbiome Stool Panel? Stool testing is the window into your entire body and immune system. The microbiome is everything to a healthy […]
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