Food Allergies and Weight Management

What you need to know about food allergies and weight management Many patients who come to our alternative medicine clinic near Milwaukee are surprised when […]
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Individualized Weight Loss Plan

3 things you should know about our individualized weight loss plan Hoping to finally lose weight and keep it off? Have you made that same […]
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How Hyperinsulinemia Affects Your Health

How Hyperinsulinemia Affects Your Health Hyperinsulinemia is a medical condition where the pancreas produces excess insulin, which results in high insulin levels in your blood […]
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Are Hidden Food Allergies Causing You To Gain Weight?

Hidden food allergies reach far beyond digestive disturbances, skin rashes and breathing problems. Do you feel bloated, have pain or feel moody after eating a […]
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Could high insulin be causing you to be fat?

Could high insulin be causing you to be fat, the answer is yes! About 35 years ago, the federal government revised the dietary guidelines and […]
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Weight Management

Serenity Health Care Center will help you to achieve your optimal weight goals. Many people suffer from obesity in America.  Over the past twenty-five years […]
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