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Choosing a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer


Do your homework if you’ve been injured at work and need a worker’s compensation lawyer. You need someone who has experience in your specific situation. An attorney with expertise in worker’s compensation in your state. Referrals are a great place to start your research. Just keep in mind that the attorney you need is usually not the lawyer who did your will or documents for your friend’s business.

Research Before Choosing a Worker's Compensation Lawyer
Research Before Choosing a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

One chapter of my book, The Dark Side of Injury, is dedicated to the pros and cons of working with an attorney. Engaging a worker’s compensation lawyer changes your relationship with your employer. However, some circumstances require the help of an attorney to resolve.  Some of these are:

  • The insurance carrier denies your worker’s compensation claim
  • Your employer fires you after you file a worker’s comp claim
  • Your employer takes disciplinary action against you after you file a worker’s comp claim
  • You don’t receive the correct payment amount from the worker’s comp insurance

I recommend starting your attorney research with your state’s Department of Licensing. Consultations with an attorney are usually free, so take the time to interview several experienced worker’s compensation lawyers. Ask about past cases, outcomes and fees. It’s also important to ask if his/her personal network includes experts who may be applicable to your situation.  There’s a checklist in my book to help you develop a list of questions when you interview an attorney.

You’ll want to keep a detailed log of your attorney visits. I repeat this in every blog because it is so important. Working through the worker’s compensation system takes time, and there’s no way to remember all the dates and specifics without a detailed log.

Check out my book, The Dark Side of Injury, for more checklists and tools to help you work with a worker’s compensation lawyer. I wish you the best possible outcome on your worker’s compensation journey.

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