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New Book “the Dark Side of Injury” Exposes the Corruption Behind Worker’s Compensation


New Book “the Dark Side of Injury” Exposes the Corruption Behind Worker’s Compensation, Health Insurance, and the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

PALMYRA, WI–(Marketwired – February 18, 2015) – Dr. Debra Muth has worked in the medical industry for over twenty years and yet her husband became the victim of medical abuse. Dr. Muth feels “it is important to have tools to protect you and your family.”

There are roughly 3 million injured workers who reported injuries in 2013 and about 40% of those injured workers never claim benefits at all. OSHA states that worker injuries have direct costs of 1 Billon dollars a week, this does not include indirect costs for these workers.

Many people these days have stories to tell about the insults and injuries they have incurred from the medical and legal community. How many people have you heard talk about others getting rich from suing their doctors? Well it really isn’t that easy! Innocent people have had their lives changed forever because of work related injuries, medical malpractice and legal malpractice. It is important to learn how to navigate these systems to protect you and your family.

Americans are in an unusual situation these days; they are caught between being injured and trying to financially stay a float. Many are accusing them of being free loaders! They should support themselves accept their injuries by returning to work; their own doctors and our legal system have left them broke, injured and alone. How do you support yourself? How do you pay for medical expenses? How to stay functional in the world?

‘The Dark Side of Injury’, tells the tale of an injured worker in America, how the deception starts and ends. How their doctor, the legal system and their own family can cause injury and heartache. Dr. Muth feels it is important for you to know how to navigate these systems but more important is that “something good comes of a bad situation.” She shares how to stay financially and emotionally viable during these trying times.

You can purchase “The Dark Side of Injury” at, Serenity Health Care Center, and Henschel for $16.95.

About the Author
Dr. Debra Muth, ND, WHNP, APNP, BAAHP, MSNH, is a doctor who has literally healed herself. During her twenties, serious health problems began to interfere with her career she sought a new way of practicing medicine. In this book, she reveals what its like to be a medical practitioner unable to protect her husband from medical/legal injury when he was seriously injured on the job.

For more information about The Dark Side of Injury, please visit this page.

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