Decrease Blood Pressure with Olive Leaf Extract

High blood pressure is a very accurate predictor of cardiovascular disease the number one killer in America.  Recently the medical community has reduced its recommendation for where blood pressure ratings should be maintained at but the average acceptable range is 140/90 mmHG.

Yet, antiaging groups realize that for every 20/10 mmHG increase above 115/75 mmHG, the cardiovascular disease doubles. Studies show that of 26 million people revealed a 200-400% higher mortality rate in hypertensive individuals between the ages of 20-49, compared to the general population without hypertension.

If the definition of “high blood pressure” were revised downward to reflect the threat of even moderate hypertension, millions of these lives could have been saved. If one suffers from high blood pressure maturing individuals need to take all necessary steps to bring blood pressure under control, regardless of their doctor’s evaluations.

Olive leaf extract has been tested in a double blind placebo controlled trial, reduced systolic blood pressure 11.5 points (mmHG), diastolic blood pressure by 4.8 points and other vascular benefits were seen as well.

The olive fruit (olea europaea) is a core constituent of the Mediterranean diet. This has been documented in the clinical literature. Olive fruit’s are beneficial compounds that include hydroxytyrosol, oleacein, ursolic and oleanic acids. It is actually the oleuropein; found in high concentrations in the leaf of the olive tree, this is what is considered the beneficial effect to decrease blood pressure.

High blood pressure can cause arterial stiffness or decrease elasticity and eventually spreads to larger arteries. Oleuropein has been shown to specifically target arterial resistance and stiffness, improving endothelial function and bringing blood pressure under control.

Traditional medicine protocols include multiple drugs simultaneously to control or decrease blood pressure. While these drug combinations reduce the blood pressure there can be greater numbers of drug-to-drug interactions. Despite a good safety profile, there can be an issue with commercial extracts of oleuropein: they degrade unless processed using precise handling techniques.

Olive leaf extract can help decrease blood pressure and support healthy blood pressure. If you are currently taking blood pressure medication to control your blood pressure, you should carefully monitor your blood pressure at home with an accurate monitor. You should have an advanced lipid panel drawn to measure your cholesterol along with an APOe gene type for individualized nutrition. Olive leaf extract can be taken with traditional medications as long as there you are monitoring your blood pressure daily. Discuss this with your qualified health care practitioner to get the testing done and if Olive leaf extract is right for you.

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