October 1, 2022

We can understand and see your pain with Inflammation Thermography

Inflammation is part of your natural healing process in response to infections and injuries. Your inflammatory response is a healthy way for your body to […]
woman's knee photo showing a red halo as if it was painful due to inflammation

Inflammation is part of your natural healing process in response to infections and injuries. Your inflammatory response is a healthy way for your body to dispose of pathogens. Inflammation also isolates the injury by preventing adjacent tissues from damage. Inflammation flushes and cleans because the process helps your cells get rid of debris. 

In other words, your body repairs itself with inflammation - which is a good thing. 

Nevertheless, chronic low-grade inflammation is scientifically proven to cause cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other deadly diseases. Inflammation involves chemical reactions and cellular function, and prolonged artery, capillary, and vein dilatation can tax your system and cause long-term health concerns.

By allowing inflammation to go unchecked, your entire body kicks into high gear to help combat illness. Unfortunately, sometimes your body goes overboard in the process and weakens over time - which is when more complex health problems arise. 

So, inflammation is not only an indicator of a health abnormality but also the cause of disease. Serenity wants to help you identify and control inflammation.

What is Thermography for Inflammation?

Using our Thermography camera detector, this technique precisely records the energy emitted in the infrared spectrum. Thermography uses infrared radiation (photons) emitted by your body into electrical signals that form a digital image on a monitor.

Even at a distance and without any direct contact, Serenity can measure the temperature of your inflamed area using the infrared detector because areas with increased blood flow indicate inflammation. Inflammation appears in red, while areas with little blood flow activity show in cooler colors. 

So, if we can see your health problem, we can help get it under control - and sometimes even reverse illness!

What can Thermography detect based on your inflammation levels?

Thermography not only detects illness based on inflammation but also measures the severity of the disease process. 

Inflammation is visible on Thermography scans with a variety of health concerns, including:

If you are a woman, Serenity is particularly interested in helping you fight against the risk of Breast Cancer. 

Thermography is helpful in the detection of Breast Cancer. It offers many benefits, including detecting Breast Cancer 7-10 years earlier than a mammogram. This is because mammograms are not prescribed to younger women and also because inflammation begins in the early stages of Breast Cancer.

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Can Thermography detect infection?

Thermography can detect viral and bacterial infections because these invaders activate your immune system. Your immune system uses inflammatory cells and cytokines (substances that stimulate more inflammatory cells).  The job of these cells is to trap bacterial or viral intruders and activate your natural healing powers. These cells can cause pain, swelling, bruising, or redness - all of which are visible on a Thermography scan.

Why is Thermography used in medical diagnosis?

The temperature of a body or object correlates to the amount of infrared radiation emitted. Infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye. 

Thermography is expanding in diverse sectors such as engineering, rescue, meteorology, astronomy, public safety, electronics, meteorology, industry, and ecological analysis. 

Medical applications for this technology are making great strides; nevertheless, Serenity has been using Thermography for over a decade for the diagnosis and prognosis of our patients.

In case of infection and inflammation, the increase in temperature is clearly visible. However, depending on the severity of the lesion and the length of time of the problem, there may be a decrease in local temperature. This is because the body has given up its attempt to heal, or the lesion is so ingrained that no blood reaches the area anymore.

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How can Serenity tell what your Inflammation Thermography results mean?

Body heat constantly dissipates from the skin by radiation, convection, conduction, or evaporation. Pathologies produce variations in blood circulation, which affect skin temperature. Due to these heat losses, the skin temperature is 5 °C lower than the internal body temperature. Thermographic imaging quantifies the skin's surface temperature but also senses that of the deep tissues.

One crucial factor Serenity detects is symmetry. Both sides of a healthy body tend to emit similar color mapping. A marked difference requires further investigation and testing. 

Our experienced staff knows what typical heat emissions for organs look like. Trained professionals easily detect abnormalities.

To read Thermography results, certified professionals need at least ten years of training!

Serenity can even detect hidden Inflammation to avoid future health problems

Thermography reveals the primary area of injury and helps recognize secondary points of pain too. 

Secondary inflammation may not always appear in a clinical examination - but it also needs to be addressed with Integrative Medicine protocols. 

A significant advantage of this technique is that it allows early diagnosis of pathologies such as tendinitis or degenerative joint disease. 

Thermographic alterations are frequently evident before physical ones. 

Thermography can detect lesions 1 or 2 weeks before limps or pain manifest, which athletes often leverage the technology.

Once treatment begins, thermography can monitor progress. Your provider's prescribed holistic treatment should produce the desired circulatory change. 

For example, if visible red hot inflammation is present with your baseline Thermography, then in subsequent scans, a decrease in temperature to normal levels will prove your healing progress.

In Summary

Serenity patients like you benefit from our experience with Thermography. We've provided this state-of-the-art technology to our patients for over a decade.

Thermography imaging technology, provides our skilled practitioners with valuable information that helps them accurately diagnose your wellness concerns and symptoms.

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Article written by Dr. Debra Muth

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