Tips for food allergies and the holidays

Tips for food allergies and the holidaysAt our alternative medicine clinic near Milwaukee, food allergies and the holidays are a big concern for parents. Holiday celebrations mean more homemade treats, more meals out and more worries. If your child has food allergies, our tips can help you navigate this time of year.

Food allergies and the holidays at school

You might be especially concerned about food allergies and the holidays when your children go to holiday parties at school. It’s important to have a conversation with your child’s teacher about food allergies and ways to keep your child safe.

It helps to provide written guidelines that the teacher may copy and provide to other parents. You can also provide treats that are allergy-safe to ensure that your child will have something they can enjoy during parties. You should also talk to your children about food allergies and the holidays, emphasizing that they should not eat other children’s snacks or treats.

Tips for hosting a safe celebration at home

Hosting holiday celebrations at home can give you peace of mind because you can ensure that the food is safe and has not been cross-contaminated. Cooking at home makes it easy to provide safe food for the celebration. You can place dishes from family and friends in a separate area to ensure that children with food allergies do not eat those foods.

Important information for parents and children who are away from home

Meals eaten away from home raise additional concerns about food allergies and the holidays.

  • You should discuss your child’s allergies with the host, detailing the trigger foods.
  • It helps to offer to assist the host by bringing dishes that are safe for your child to eat or helping to create an allergy-safe menu.
  • To ensure your child’s dinner is safe, ask to make your child’s plate before other guests fill theirs to ensure that there is no cross-contamination.

Food allergies and the holidays do raise concerns, but with proper precautions, families can enjoy themselves and stay safe. For diagnosis and treatment of food allergies, contact our alternative medicine clinic near Milwaukee. Parents can also go to Serenity’s Kitchen to find allergy-safe recipes.

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