February 4, 2019

Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs

Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs Food and sex can be an erotic mix - if you know what you're doing! Food and sex can be a […]

Foods That Are Aphrodisiacs

Food and sex can be an erotic mix - if you know what you're doing!

Food and sex can be a seriously erotic mix if you know what you're doing, so getting to grips with aphrodisiac foods this Valentine’s Day will be really worth it.

For some people the idea of foodie foreplay is just a big NO, chocolate body paint won't float everyone's boat. But squirting whipped cream-on-body-parts isn’t what we’re getting at here, although that is a fun idea. We are going to explore foods that are known as aphrodisiacs all by themselves.

Even the NHS says aphrodisiac foods can help bring couples closer both physically and emotionally. It's got to be a good thing!

So if you're intrigued here's our A-W list of aphrodisiac foods... how you enjoy them is up to you!


The almond has been a symbol of fertility and an aphrodisiac through various ages and some believe that just the smell can stimulate women sexually. Sprinkle them with a little seasoning and they are ready to pop in your mouth and let it water.

Apricot Brandy

Long considered an aphrodisiac drink. In a Midsummer Night’s Dream the fairies are told of the efficacy of apricot and Shakespeare seems to have been drawing on an established folk tradition. Dried Apricots steeped in sweet Muscat wine for a week or two are favorite sweetmeat with which lovers can feed each other.


The Aztecs allegedly called the avocado "ahuacatl" - their word for 'testicle'... but if that doesn't turn you on (it doesn't do much for us either) avocados are at least a treasure trove of vitamins and good stuff.

They contain vitamin B6, which is said to increase production of male hormones, as well as potassium, which helps to regulate the female thyroid gland - not sexy but at least you'll look and feel pretty good.


The humble asparagus spear is a powerful aphrodisiac - not only does it look a bit phallic but it also contains vitamin E, which makes you gorgeous (think healthy skin, hair and nails) and is also said to be a sex hormone booster. Delicious.


Phallic again – use your imagination this is enough to get the sexy going on the aphrodisiac list. In the case of the banana it's also making an appearance due its levels of potassium and B vitamins that aid your sex hormone production.

These beauties are a great source of instant and long-lasting energy - so have one before sex to give you the staying power to satisfy your significant other.

Bananas are excellent at regulating blood pressure, too. High blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction and that's no fun on Valentine's Day (or any other day for that matter).

So whack out those bananas and away you go!

Bone Marrow

According to the ancient Romans produces pheromones that stimulate our sense of smell that attracts us to our lovers. 


Testosterone is great for your sex life - it makes both men and women more randy and sexually stimulated. Zinc, found in caviar, stimulates the formation of testosterone so it stands to reason that posh fish eggs are in fact an aphrodisiac!


Not a universally loved veg but apparently it gets women going. Celery contains androstenone, a hormone that researchers believe attracts females when it's secreted through sweat. Nice.


Champagne is the drink of love often the mere presence of that expensive bottle will get you going. Champagne reaches the blood stream rapidly. Drinking too much, however, might change the outcome so drink responsibly.

Chili Peppers

Hot chili’s are thought to release endorphins that give our bodies a high. Many hot foods fall into this category but chili’s also contain the chemical capsaicin, which stimulates our nerve endings and raises our pulses for a greater sense of touch.

A little tip we have is to put a tiny bit of chili in your cocktails. Honestly, it works wonders!


Nothing says, "I love you" like a box of chocolates, at least for me that is a way to my heart!

It contains a stimulant called phenylethylamine, and a substance called Theobromine which is thought to act on the neurotransmitters of the brain to give you a natural high with a sense of well-being and excitement.

Use dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, as this is what makes the magic happen.


You stand on your doorstep at the end of the perfect date, and think of saying “want to come in and tear my clothes off with your teeth?” but that's perhaps a little forward.

Instead you murmur: “would you like to come in for coffee?”... the meaning behind the message is the same.

Coffee's actually on the list for its stimulating qualities but it's earned its reputation as a sexy beverage by the power of suggestion alone. Make sure you drink it in a sexy manner!


Cream doesn’t have any nutritional value, but as an aphrodisiac it gets it’s merit by sex food play! It can be a bit messy but isn't that what sex is all about? If you want to clean up easy get the shower curtain out for this one!


We all are aware of the coconuts health benefits as a healthy oil, but did you know it make a great massage oil and an even better natural lubricant with a great flavor or oral sex.


Cucumber is certainly phallic in appearance, but its aphrodisiac reputation is not based on looks alone. From a nutritional standpoint, cucumbers provide several nutrients essential to maintaining sexual health, including Vitamin C and magnesium. It also helps to decrease water retention and bloating so enjoy.


This one's for your partner - ask them to open a ripe fig and eat it seductively in front of you. This is supposed to be a powerful aphrodisiac because the fruit's insides look like female genitalia.


A circulatory system stimulant, ginger eaten raw, preserved or cooked is said to increase sexual powers and desire. Ginger omelets are a great way to start the day.


Often found in Asian cuisines such as Chinese and Korean, ginseng is believed by many to increase sexual appetite for both men and women. Consuming Ginseng tea or shred some raw root onto a salad.


Oysters are probably the world's most well-known aphrodisiac and they've been top of the sexy food list since the age of the ancient Greeks.

They're full of zinc that helps in production of testosterone, which not only acts on male libido but is also great for the female libido too. Raw oysters are best served with a glass of cold Champagne.

Pine Nuts

Like oysters and caviar, pine nuts are full of zinc that is great for producing sperm and for increasing the libido.

Pumpkin Seeds

More zinc! You can eat these toasted or raw and they're great on a sexy salad with cucumbers, apples, raisins and almonds.


Egyptian pharaohs were all about radish when they wanted to up the ante in the royal chamber. It's thought that their spicy taste could stimulate the palate and of course the shape are supposed to turn you on.


Succulent red fruits that are perfect for feeding to your lover and are especially good when dipped into melted chocolate - an aphrodisiac two-for-one!

They're red which is meant as a stimulating color that indicates we are excited which our brains are programed to notice as stimulating. They are high in vitamin C, which may not turn you on but will sure keep your healthy.


Even back in the first century A.D. they were using rocket (or arugula) leaves to boost flagging sex drives. But were as they used it with grated orchid bulbs and parsnips, we recommend toasted pine nuts, almonds and pistachios for a more palatable sexy salad!

Sweet Basil

Maybe it's the smell, but some people think that basil has the power to stimulate your sex drive and boost your fertility - so don't be too annoyed if he turns up with a takeaway pizza this Valentine's Day.


For all the same reasons raspberries are on the list! Pop one in your champagne glass, dip them in some lush melted chocolate... strawberries are sensual, sexy and I know this is cliché but feed them in a sensual way to your partner.


Truffles are one of the most extravagant foods out there and this point alone is sometimes enough to turn a women on.

They may not look so appealing but trust us these babies pack a punch. Drizzle a little truffle oil on some pasta, or put a few shavings on some risotto.

Their delicious taste and musky aroma certainly stimulates the palate which can lead to arousal elsewhere.


Drinking wine can be quite an erotic experience. Drinking in moderation can help to ease inhibitions and promote relaxation but alcohol is also a depressant and we all know that too much never did anyone any good.

Your Valentine's Day or romantic date will be memorable for all the wrong reasons if you have one to many rosés! Wondering why Roses are so sexy? In part it is sacred to the love goddess in all the mythological traditions. The evocative shape of the petals and the intense perfumes make it the archetypal female emblem. It is the scents of the rose that are an aphrodisiac. Enjoy them put the petals on the bed…. Use the rose petal to gently stroke them across your lover’s body. Use your imagination and enjoy!

Article written by Dr. Debra Muth

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