Yeast overgrowth

The effects of yeast overgrowth are wide ranging. Yeast may cause chronic fatigue, recurrent yeast infections, abdominal bloating and indigestion, headaches and skin rashes, immune suppression and chemical sensitivity, depression, and joint pain.

A member of the fungus family, yeast can flourish in your body if your immune system is depressed or if the naturally occurring bacteria in your system are destroyed.

A leading cause of yeast overgrowth is the overuse of antibiotics, which destroys beneficial bacteria as well as the bad, allowing yeast to proliferate in the digestive tract and vagina.

Sadly, this is a problem that many mainstream physicians are completely unaware of. Instead of treating the underlying cause of their patients’ poor health, they treat the individual symptoms using antibiotics, antihistamines, antidepressants or anti-inflammatory medications.

This is a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

Treating Candidiasis to Restore Health

At Serenity Health Care Center, we use a three-pronged approach to treating yeast overgrowth:

Step 1Eliminate the existing yeast in the colon.

Step 2: Limit dietary sources of yeast.

Step 3: Restore the colon with beneficial bacteria.

Our treatment program for yeast overgrowth includes using medication and herbs to kill yeast, natural remedies to restore the normal bacteria, as well as dietary solutions to restore balance to your gastrointestinal system.

This treatment strengthens your immune system by lowering the yeast load on your system while lessening the risk of infection and the need for antibiotics. If the immune system is weakened, you could develop an allergic reaction to Candida. We will help identify this allergen and can treat it with sublingual immunotherapy, or “drop therapy”.

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Coronavirus Update

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