Smoking Cessation

If you dig deep inside, you will find a part of you equal to your motivation or greater that does not want to quit smoking. The reality is we are in control of what we can do and what we want to do, in most parts of our life. Then why is it you still have not stopped smoking?  The power of hypnosis can assist the unconscious and subconscious part of the mind that really does not want to quit smoking!

During hypnosis you are completely in control, you are just choosing another level of consciousness.  By being hypnotized and then learning self-hypnosis to reinforce the hypnosis, you can immediately remove a habit such as smoking.  I believe that hypnosis is not designed to quit smoking.

Quitting is up to you!

I feel that hypnosis is excellent to remove the cravings, urges and withdrawals of the habit and the associations of smoking.  If you can squelch those cravings, then with your original conscious motivation, you will be successful in removing the cigarette from your life.

The decision is up to you if you want to quit smoking consciously!

If you have a habit that you do approximately 200 times a day it will have great power.  By beginning self-hypnosis with a few deep breaths, you will experience the relaxation cigarettes might have given you in the past with a new association of not smoking.  You will do self-hypnosis everyday.  It is like practicing a musical instrument every day.  Without practice every day you will soon forget the experience of hypnosis as you would forget the experience of the music lesson.  We promise you success, if you promise to follow the instructions!

If you are ready to quit smoking call Serenity Health Care Center  today to schedule your personal hypnosis session that will put you on the way to being an ex-smoker! 262-522-8640.

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