Coming up in September and October we will be holding our annual Ins & Outs for Happy Breasts event.

Do you know any women that have received repeat breast biopsies? Do you know women that are looking for alternatives to traditional breast health? If so, please consider sharing this information with them. If not, please consider having copies of these flyers in your office for women to take. Our goal with this event is to 1. Be proactive in breast health and 2. Educate as many women on their options for breast health.

This event is a 2-part series, but you don’t need to attend both. The first part is our Girls Night Out. This is a time to get a group of girls together, enjoy a glass of wine with some snacks as we provide an educational evening on breast health.

Girls Night Out weblink



The second part is our breast clinic. Women will receive a thermogram followed by 30 minutes of Myofascial Release (they can learn self-care for their breasts, receive hands-on treatment, or have a combination of both).

Clinic weblink

Thank you so much for helping us spread the word. Breast cancer statistics are on the rise and we want to help women become proactive and educated.

Please let me know if you have any questions on either event.





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