March 27, 2014

HCG Weight Loss Plan

Our Weight Management Program is What Milwaukee Relies on for Effective Long-Term Solutions If you are committed to losing weight, our HCG diet plan is […]

Our Weight Management Program is What Milwaukee Relies on for Effective Long-Term Solutions

If you are committed to losing weight, our HCG diet plan is ideal for you. Be amazed and start to see real results in just under a month with our HCG for weight loss program. Average weight loss is 1/2-1 lb. a day. Our integrative health care approach to weight loss will help you obtain your goals in minimal time. Our method of integrative medicine in Waukesha has facilitated over 5 years of successful weight loss positively changing lives one patient at a time.

HCG was developed by Dr. Simeon’s, a Belgium physician who discovered this protocol many years ago. The HCG diet program is designed for patients wanting to lose a significant amount of weight. The weight loss program eliminates your abnormal body fat focusing on the most challenging and stubborn areas. Not only will you lose weight rapidly you will become educated with reliable weight loss solutions with our professionals guiding you along the way. With our HCG and our integrative healthcare plan, you will learn healthy eating habits, natural detoxification and receive a medical evaluation with any necessary follow-ups.

Professional Hcg Weight Loss Program

Our Waukesha healthcare center's staff have been professionally trained with the HCG diet program to properly guide you on your weight loss journey. Unlike other weight loss programs in Milwaukee, our HCG diet ensures patients never feel hungry while maintaining balanced energy levels. Serenity Health Care Center offers customized weight plans which are designed for YOU. Weight loss plans may include nutritional supplement support while involving behavior modification. Our bariatric program includes evaluation of hormone levels, blood sugar and thyroid conditions. Unlike other weight loss clinics in Wisconsin, we look at all the possibilities which may cause weight gain. Serenity Health Care Center focuses on preventing your individual health problems which may result in your excess weight.

HCG can be successfully used by injection and sublingual administration. Our Waukesha alternative doctors have seen great results with both! Our trained and professional staff provides written information outlining exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and how to beat weight loss stagnation.

Serenity Health Care is now offering FREE HCG!
For a limited time, your initial HCG cost will be included in your first weight loss management appointment.

NOTE: * HCG can be used safely and effectively but should be managed by a medical professional who is knowledgeable about using HCG.

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Article written by Dr. Debra Muth

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