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Are Your Health Insurance Premiums Going Up?


At the beginning of every year our health insurance premiums tend to go up instead of down even if you don’t use your insurance. It is not uncommon for you to see a 24% increase in rates on an annual basis.

Some employers create wellness programs in response to health insurance premiums increasing. Has your employer created a program for you to reduce your rates by quitting smoking, losing weight to reach your BMI (body mass index), lower your cholesterol, or blood sugar numbers?

This can feel overwhelming when you’re told you have to lose 15 lbs, lower your cholesterol by 20 points or get your blood sugar numbers down to normal in 8-5 weeks when you will be reevaluated. You do not need to feel bad about the changes that are needed. Look at these changes as a new life and a chance to lower your health insurance premiums.

Serenity Health Care Center can help you obtain all of these goals. We have holistic programs that will help you successfully reach your goals. Our holistic weight management program can change your life and help you create a weight management program that can become a new lifestyle. We offer a holistic cholesterol management program that contains weight and blood sugar control, cleansing, and biomedical approaches to help you reach your goals. All our programs are individualized programs that are created specifically for you.

Serenity Health Care Center will help you obtain your goals to get the benefits of lower health insurance premiums – CALL 262-522-8640 today!

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