By: Heather King, DC

Plantar fasciitis or “heel pain syndrome” affects nearly 2 million people!  Plantar fasciitis is inflammation and pain in the band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes, and forms the arch of the foot.  It can come on slowly over time or be a sudden sharp pain.  It can affect one foot or possibly both, and it can develop in both runners and non-runners.

Relief from Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

Relief from Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

My patients that suffer from plantar fasciitis often describe the pain as being more intense first thing in the morning after they have been off their feet for an extended period of time.  Pain may lessen somewhat after movement but doesn’t completely go away. It is important to have a proper diagnosis to determine the source of your heel pain. Treatment options can vary.  Most common choices are injections, anti-inflammatory medications, orthotics, chiropractic treatment, splinting and physical therapy for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Chiropractic treatment consists of restoring normal joint mechanics followed by stretching and sometimes the use of modalities such as ultrasound. An article published in Dynamic Chiropractic in March 2000, states that adjustments of the foot and ankle joints with emphasis on the subtalar joint (calcaneus or heel bone) proves to be most useful in combination with other therapies to treat plantar fasciitis.

Recovery from plantar fasciitis is slow and on average, it takes 6-9 months to fully recover and be pain free.  Unfortunately, for some individuals it can be a life long struggle to control and continued or regular therapy is needed.

We can help relieve your pain and put you on the road to recovery and/or managing this syndrome! Take action today so you can return to the lifestyle you enjoy.

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