Thyroid Dysfunction

Do your patients suffer from thyroid dysfunction and receive treatment, but still not feel balanced?  How many patients do you have with concerns of dry hair and nails, fatigue, weight gain, cognitive dysfunction, and more symptoms that are not treated? Click here to have your patients complete a questionnaire to see if they have thyroid dysfunction.

My practice includes many patients who suffer from thyroid dysfunction who are not properly managed.  Before coming to me, they were prescribed replacement with synthetic T4 or Synthroid, a common hormone replacement protocol taught to conventional medical practitioners.   For more than 100 years, it has been known that supplementation with a combined T4/T3 product, marketed as Armour, is the better treatment.

I believe practitioners who supplement with combined thyroid products and mineral supplements, find their patients obtain balance and relief of symptoms more quickly.

Thyroid disease affects 52 million Americans.  Approximately 10% of the population is not diagnosed with thyroid disease, but suffer from clinical symptoms.  This scenario is described as clinical or subclinical thyroid dysfunction.

How many of these patients are in your practice?  Do you want to help more people feel better and control their symptoms?  You need to learn about balancing thyroid disease.  This can significantly grow your practice and allow you to become a thyroid expert in your area.

Protocols such as these and many others can grow your practice.  If you are interested in providing quality nutritional supplements to your patients, learning quality protocols is essential.

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