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Individualized Weight Loss Plan

3 things you should know about our individualized weight loss plan

Hoping to finally lose weight and keep it off? Have you made that same resolution every year for countless years now? Maybe what you need is an individualized weight loss plan, something exactly tailored and fine-tuned to address your needs.

Our natural medicine clinic in Milwaukee creates a customized plan that finds and addresses the issues that are causing your weight gain, as well as any health issues that you are dealing with as a result of your weight gain.

We would like you to know three important things that make our individualized weight loss plan unique.

  1. We offer supplemental support as part of our individualized weight loss plan. Our individualized weight loss plan includes the support of members of our integrative medicine team. After consulting with you and doing our evaluation, we may suggest nutritional therapy or special supplements. Some people may benefit from our many alternative therapies, such as hypnotherapy or massage therapy. We will help you in every possible way.
  2. Our natural medicine clinic in Milwaukee also offers behavior modification. You may benefit from adding a behavioral modification component to your individualized weight loss plan. This helps you identify and change the behaviors that are causing your weight gain and preventing you from losing weight.
  3. Our bariatric program evaluates health issues that may be affecting your health. Our natural medicine clinic in Milwaukee addresses emotional, behavioral and health issues when devising your individualized weight loss plan. This includes an evaluation of important numbers such as your cholesterol and blood sugar. We may decide that you would benefit from a sleep study to see if sleep apnea could be causing problems with your weight loss.

Our individualized weight loss plans are much more than a simple diet plan

At our natural medicine clinic in Milwaukee, we take your health and weight loss very seriously. We believe in treating the whole person – mind and body – and our individualized weight loss plans reflect this approach. If you are ready to make a change in the way you approach nutrition, weight loss and life choices, contact us today.

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