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Lyme disease in Kenosha

Dr. Debra Muth’s

Debra Muth, ND, is a Lyme Literate Practitioner treating Lyme disease in Kenosha

Dr. Debra Muth’sLyme disease in Kenosha is a growing problem. The things we love about our state—the forests, farmlands and parks—provide a perfect environment for the infected tick population that transmits Lyme disease to people of all ages. People with Lyme disease in Wisconsin may also have to deal with co-infections such as: Babesiosis; Anaplasmosis; Tularemia; Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Powassan virus. Dr. Muth was recently interviewed in the Kenosha News to discuss her expertise and knowledge about Lyme disease in Kenosha.

Treating Lyme disease in Kenosha

People who think that they or their family member may be dealing with Lyme disease in Kenosha should give serious consideration to a practitioner’s level of expertise. Choosing a Lyme Literate Practitioner is a smart decision because Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed by conventional M.D.s who don’t see the disease very often. Debra Muth has undergone training with ILADs, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating Lyme disease awareness and educating health professionals.

Acute Lyme disease vs. chronic Lyme disease

Patients who suspect they have contracted Lyme disease in Kenosha need to understand the difference between acute and chronic Lyme disease. “Acute Lyme disease means a patient has been diagnosed and treated in six months or less after contracting the disease,” according to Dr. Muth. “Chronic Lyme disease means that a person hasn’t been diagnosed or treated within the first six months after they contracted the disease.” Many people don’t receive a diagnosis for months or years, and that can lead to many complications for patients with Lyme disease in Kenosha.

How we treat Lyme disease at our functional medicine clinic near Kenosha

Our approach to Lyme disease is multi-disciplinary, and treatment plans are individualized. Dr. Muth says, “We use a combination of antibiotics and herbal treatments at the same time. We find that it’s more effective this way. We also use biofeedback and detox to treat Lyme disease in Kenosha.”

Patients who are looking for a completely non-traditional approach that doesn’t include conventional medications may choose our Lyme Free program that employs many alternative therapies.

We know that Lyme disease in Kenosha is and will continue to be a problem, and we’re nearby to provide help. Contact us.

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