Revolutionary Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Serenity is the premier EmpowerRF and Morpheus8V MedSpa in Wisconsin.
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Morpheus8V non-surgical vaginal renewal solutions

Serenity Health Care Center Med Spa is in high demand for women with vaginal issues. Our treatments combine the latest combination of radio frequency and microneedling to renew tissue.


Nine of the most typical vaginal issues women face now have simple non-surgical solutions.


Your urinary incontinence naturally subsides by exercising using electrical muscle stimulation sessions.


Radiofrequency in the vaginal canal helps urinary stress incontinence, sexual dysfunction and laxity.


Enhance lubrication, appearance and sensation by injecting regenerative PRP in targeted areas.
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Resolve the 9 most common vaginal issues

Enlarged Labia

Don’t let your labia minora or majora limit your ability to wear certain clothes or practice the sports you love like bicycle and horseback riding.

Urinary Incontinence

You are not alone. Our pelvic floor therapy aims to solve the discomfort of incontinence caused by childbirth or aging. No need to buy more pantyliners for fear of an accident anymore!

Frequent Infections

Enlarged labia complicate hygiene that lead to yeast and bacterial infections causing itching or pain. Our treatments will balance your vaginal PH.

Low Sex Drive

Self esteem effects your sex drive and the Morpheus8 treatment improves appearance. Increasied hydration and comfort also go a long way to spark desire.

Loose Vaginal Walls

Take advantage of non-surgical vagina tightening to repair the physical deterioration after vaginal childbirth for increased sexual pleasure.

Vaginal Dryness

Over-the-counter lubricants do not revitalize your clitorial tissue and vaginal membrane with natural healthy collagen, elastin and PH balance.

Painful Sex

Sagging belly, stretch marks, aging skin around the knees, the applications for Morpheus8 are countless. So let’s target the area of your body that concerns you most.

Aging Appearance

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging whether on your face, neck or vagina. Feel confident and proud of your newly sculpted skin in the most intimate area.

Decreased Sensation

After 1 to 3 treatments, 90% of women reported more sexual enjoyment with greater sensitivity and lubrication from microneedling and radio frequency.
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Don’t forget The MedSpa at Serenity Health Care Center’s also offers face & body Morpheus8!

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