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Serenity U Membership Program

Serenity U: Our exclusive patient membership program

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A Lifetime membership is a one-time fee of $97

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Valued at over $10k, our patients have access to Serenity’s latest health resources.

No need to waste time searching the internet for detailed information about the health topics that interest you. 

Besides, the internet search results will likely confuse you with differing opinions, conflicting suggestions and conventional tips you already know. 

What you get with your Serenity U Membership:

  • Carefully selected information
  • Access to over 100 videos
  • Numerous downloadable PDFs

Serenity U is a central repository of information that you can trust

Our providers read and research constantly. We offer our patients cutting-edge advice on their health through online and printable documents. 

Sign up for the Serenity U Membership service, and you will receive reliable Functional & Integrative Medicine first-hand information from the Midwest’s primer clinic. 

In fact, other clinics nationwide rely on our expertise for publishing this same content to their patients. Compiling this much material is costly and requires many hours to ensure the information is solid enough to present to our patients – and for Serenity to stand behind.

Integrative healing requires a wide range of knowledge

If you are a Serenity patient, you already know how our practitioners explore your condition with a holistic approach. There can be multiple root causes of illness, so Serenity does not limit the entire gamut of knowledge you can access. 

What information you can expect to find in our catalog?

Here are some sample Video topics:

  • How to beat fatigue
  • Leptin and obesity
  • Neurotransmitters and the brain 
  • CBD oil 
  • Heavy metals and chemical testing 
  • Supplement tips 
  • Male Menopause 
  • The truth about the food supply 
  • Vitamin D 
  • Female sexual dysfunction
  • Do genes really matter?
  • Beat Menopause belly fat
  • Adrenal health 
  • Female Brain 
  • Gut bacteria and systemic illness 
  • Lyme testing options 
  • Symptoms of Lyme disease
  • Over 100 videos

These are some of the printable PDFs available to you:

  • 10 reasons to avoid sugar
  • Adrenal health questionnaire
  • Chose the right probiotics
  • Eating healthy on the go 
  • Everyone Poops 
  • Foods that feed neurotransmitters
  • Foods that support adrenal health 
  • One week to better sleep 
  • Organic is important 
  • T4 and T3
  • Why it’s important to have a healthy gut
  • Clean cosmetics 
  • Many, many more

There is NO limit on the amount of information you can access. You can explore, watch, learn and download anything you want. 

Your provider is always willing to listen to your every concern. Nevertheless, remember that Serenity U will also save you time and money during your appointment because many of your questions will be covered in the Serenity U topic catalog.


Still have some questions about Serenity U? Feel free to discuss this patient service with Reception or your provider (262) 522-8640. 

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