The majority of nurse practitioners are actively recommending dietary supplements to their patients, according to the CRN Foundation, an educational affiliate of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

According to a recent survey Supplemented 2009 Healthcare Professional Impact Study, 96% of nurse practitioners recommends dietary supplements to their patients.

As many as 81% of all nurse practitioners directly ask their patients what type of supplements they are taking.  In 55% of the cases the Nurse Practitioners personally ask patients the questions about supplements.

Nurse practitioners are interested in integrative healthcare options.  They are looking at the overall wellness, focusing on health maintenance and preventative approaches according to Barbara Dehn.

More than three-quarters of nurse practitioners are currently supplementing with a multivitamin; 64% are supplementing with calcium, 48% omega 3 oils, 23% botanicals like green tea, 18% glucosamine/chondrotin, and 17% fiber.

Looks like our profession is on the cutting edge of healthcare!  I have been discussing supplements in my integrative medical practice for the past 10 years.  I co-own Spring City Health Centre which has been in existence for 35 years and has been an integrative medical practice for 25 years.  Recommending supplements to patients in my practice has not only helped me obtain better outcomes with illness and disease, but has been a great added source of income to our practice.

Three years ago our office decided to carry supplements in our practice. We started with two or three different supplements we now offer over thirty different supplements from two different companies, an Organic whole food company and an allergy free line.   Our first year of sales reached $5,000.00 dollars last year %100,000.00.  This has allowed us to provide bonuses to our practitioners!

I would encourage all of you reading this to begin asking patients about supplement use and consider offering high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements to your patients.  This is a good business practice.


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