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Preparing Your Child for Allergy Skin Testing


3 ways to prepare your child for allergy skin testing

At our natural medicine clinic near Milwaukee, we try to create a stress-free environment for our patients. That being said, we know that parents and children usually experience some anxiety when they find out we need to perform allergy skin testing. We use a method of skin testing called intradermal testing. During this test, we use very thin needles to gently inject diluted allergens just underneath the skin. Prior to testing, we apply a numbing cream to help children with any discomfort they may feel during testing.

We observe the skin for approximately 15 minutes after the injections, looking for reactions such as wheals, which are red, raised bumps that itch. We know that this process can seem intimidating to both parents and children, but our experienced staff strives to make allergy skin testing a minimal-stress situation.

Serenity Health Care Center’s suggestions for preparing your child for allergy skin testing

  1. Prepare yourself.

    You are your child’s advocate, voice and comforter-in-chief. The best way to prepare your child for allergy skin testing is to come to the test prepared with knowledge about what is going to take place and what your child will need from you. Ask questions at our natural health clinic near Milwaukee before testing so that you understand the process. We are happy to explain! Please read all the written instructions, familiarizing yourself about what to do prior to testing to ensure the best results.

  2. Explain the process to your child before testing using age-appropriate language.

    Now that you understand how allergy skin testing works, it’s time to sit down and spend some time with your child explaining the process. The type and amount of information you provide will depend on the child’s age. Timing is also important. The best time to discuss allergy skin testing is the day before or the day of the testing so that the child will not obsess or worry about it for days in advance. Older children may want more detailed information.

  3. Come prepared to comfort and distract your child.

    Our staff has a lot of experience in working with children, and we will help your child through allergy skin testing. We suggest that you bring along any comfort items your child has, such as a blanket or stuffed animal. Also, bring books, devices or other items to distract your child while waiting for the test results.

We strive to make allergy skin testing as stress-free as possible for parents and children at our natural medicine clinic near Milwaukee. If you would like to discuss allergies and testing, contact us.

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