Information you need about preventing toxic mold growth

Information you need about preventing toxic mold growthPreventing toxic mold growth helps prevent mold allergies and toxic mold illnesses. The experienced practitioners at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee have some tips to help you reduce your exposure to toxic mold.

Preventing toxic mold growth begins with three critical steps

There are several crucial components of preventing toxic mold growth. You need to prevent moisture build-up, prevent airborne mold spores from entering the home, and focus on the kitchen and bathrooms, rooms where mold is especially prevalent.

Mold spores grow and thrive in moist environments. Mold allergies and illness are spread by airborne mold spores that enter the home through ventilation, air conditioning, and heating systems, as well as through windows and doors. The spores can also attach themselves to clothing, bags or pets and bring the mold spores indoors. If you take the following three steps, you will be well on your way to preventing toxic mold growth in and around your home.

    1. Protect your home’s air quality

      Preventing airborne mold spores begins by installing and using central air conditioning, if possible, with a HEPA filter attached, and changing air conditioning and heating filters often. Using air conditioning makes it easier to keep windows and doors closed to keep mold spores out. It’s also very helpful to keep the humidity level in your home at 35% or below or at a maximum of 50%.

    2. Inspect your environment for water leaks and sources of moisture in and around your home

      Preventing toxic mold growth requires regular inspections of areas where water may leak, including appliance hoses, toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, hot water heaters, attics and ceilings. You should also have your sump pump inspected regularly.

    3. Take extra care in the kitchen and bathroom areas

      Kitchens and bathrooms are particularly vulnerable to moisture problems, but proper ventilation can help quite a bit. The practitioners at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee recommend that you do not carpet moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. Frequent cleaning with mold-killing products will also help with preventing toxic mold growth.

Despite your best efforts, you may still have a problem with mold in your home. Rather than try to tackle it yourself, you should reach out to professional mold remediation specialists for help removing the mold.

The providers and staff at our functional medicine clinic near Milwaukee diagnose and treat toxic mold illnesses. Preventing toxic mold growth is something you can do to protect yourself and your family. Contact us for an appointment if you have been exposed to toxic mold or have symptoms of toxic mold illnesses or allergies.

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