Navigating the “Dark Side” of the Worker’s Compensation Industry

A medical provider shares her experience on how you can protect yourself and family!

An Interview with Dr. Debra Muth
February 4, 2015

THE DARK SIDE OF INJURYAmericans are in an unusual situation these days, they are caught between being injured and trying to financially stay a float. Many are accused of being free loaders! How many people have you heard talk about these free loaders and their lawyers who are getting rich from suing doctors and taking advantage of the personal injury and worker compensation systems?

Well according to Dr. Debra Muth it really isn’t that easy! “Innocent people have had their lives changed forever because of work related injuries, medical malpractice and legal malpractice.” In her new book, “The Dark Side of Injury,” Dr. Muth shares her experiences and offers information on how to navigate these systems to protect you and your family.

The key question Dr. Muth proposes is how can individuals be expected to support themselves when their injuries prohibit them to return-to work.? “The doctors and legal system have left them broke, injured and alone,” says Dr. Muth. “How do you support yourself, how do you pay for medical expenses and hw do you stay functional in the world.” Dr. Muth asks.

During the last eight years Dr. Muth’s family has endured misery, injury, abuse from the medical and legal community. She has many horror stories about her family’s struggle with the worker’s compensation industry but decided it was important to have something good come of a bad situation and began writing a book to help the injured navigate our complex medical-legal disability system

”I decided to write “The Dark Side of Injury”, to expose the medical world, the broken worker’s compensation industry and how the legal system does not necessarily work on your behalf when you suffer medical malpractice,” says Dr. Muth.

In her book Dr. Muth exposes the corruption behind the worker’s compensation industry, the medical community and how attorneys make money off your injury and get more money out of a deal than you, the injured.

Dr. Muth’s personal and insightful book provides the reader with information on how to protect yourself if you are injured, how to find a competent doctor and lawyer if needed.

“The Dark Side of Injury”, provides you with tools to navigate these systems in a way to protect you! You can purchase “The Dark Side of Injury” at, Serenity Health Care Center, and Henschel for $16.95.

Dr. Debra Muth’sAbout the Author
Dr. Debra Muth, ND, WHNP, APNP, BAAHP, is a doctor who has literally healed herself. During her twenties, serious health problems began to interfere with her career. In this book, she reveals what it means to be a medical practitioner who is virtually helpless to assist her husband when he was seriously injured on the job.

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