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The most important step to creating a Healthy & Vital Practice is to work from your heart

  1. It is important to get in touch with why you practice.   It is perfectly honorable to say we are in this for financial abundance.  However, most of us work in this field because we believe in what we do and want to help others create a healthy & vital life style.
  2. Create time for yourself!  I believe this is the second most important step to creating the Healthy & Vital Practice.  If you burn out you cannot be present for your patients, every day. It is essential to take time every day for you, even if it is just a few moments.   Take a vacation at least once a year and attend a conference or two to expand your knowledge base.
  3. Imagine your ideal practice!  Then create it! This might mean you work four days a week and see ten patients a day (this might vary depending on your profession).
  4. Find your specialty and then become an expert in that field. To become an expert in the area of your choice attend seminars, read books, and or listen to educational CD’s.
  5. Attract the type of patients you want. There are a number of ways to do this.  An inexpensive way is to network with your colleagues.  Provide them with a brief statement of your practice.  This includes a brief review of the patients your practice cares for, along with success stories.  If you have any events scheduled, invite your colleagues.  It’s important to let your colleagues know how you can help their practice.
  6. Educate your current patients about new services.  This can be done easily by offering free seminars or discussion groups.
  7. If you have not yet introduced supplements this is imperative!  Supplements at the local health food store are not the quality needed to create biochemical changes.  There are companies that create pharmaceutical grade supplements called Nutraceuticals.  These companies only sell to health care practitioners.  As an integrative practitioner it is essential to learn how to use these supplements.  This is how you help your patients create health and vitality.

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