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Sexually Imbalanced?


Are your patients dissatisfied with their sex life?  Do they complain of a decreased sex drive?  Would you like to have tools and answers to assist these women and men in restoring their sex life? click here to have your patients complete a questionnaire about sexual imbalance.

I hear this from 50% my female patients on a daily basis!  If you provide women with a safe environment they will share this concern with you. Then all you need to do is listen, they will tell you everything!

For many women it takes more than a willing body for optimum sexual desire.  The mind is actually the most important sex organ in the body!  Little information is provided in the literature regarding the enhancement of a person’s sexual pleasure through power of the mind. 

For that matter, little is available in literature regarding medications or supplements that assist in increasing female sexual desire, or at least anything that really works.

It is my belief that women can have restored sexual function when they take part in the Essence for Health and Vitality program which will teach them to reduce the stress and learn to be comfortable once again. 

Many women have changes in desire after the delivery of their children or during menopause.  I can teach you and your patients in restoring the sexual life they want!

How many of these patients are in your practice?  Do you want to help more people feel better and control of their symptoms?  You need to learn about reversing sexual dysfunction! 

This can significantly grow your practice and allow you to become the expert in your area!

If you are interested in providing quality nutritional supplements to your patients learning quality protocols is essential.

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