Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

STOP SMOKING With Serenity Health Care Center’s Comprehensive Mind / Body Program

This program gives you that one two punch to finally quit smoking for good. It utilizes Hypnosis to Empower YOU to make the necessary changes at a subconscious level to become a Nonsmoker, along with the Ondamed Pulse Bio-Feed Back System from Germany, which cleanses at a cellular level to eliminate the body’s withdrawal symptoms.

Program Includes:

  • An initial and follow- up private hypnosis session, tailored to your Individual needs.
  • Ondamed Bio-Feed Back, Used in Europe for more than 20 years.
  • Up to five sessions.
  • Regularly $600.00 NOW Only $295.00
  • Save Over 50%
Get Started Today: Phone: 262-522-8640 (This is a small investment in your health. Smoking costs $2555.00 annually, for a pack a day, $7 a pack habit, along with the untold health costs associated with smoking.)


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