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Struggling with obesity?


Are your patients obese? Sadly many Americans today suffer from obesity.  It has become an epidemic in our country and for some it becomes a battle not worth fighting.  Many people fall on and off the wagon and engage in fad diets and binge eating, creating more problems. Obesity and weight control is a lifelong commitment!

As Americans we have become accustomed to large portion sizes and if we do not get them, we feel we didn’t get our moneys worth. 

Our diet is high in toxic calorie dense foods. These foods are inexpensive and effectively advertised to all of us. The busy lifestyles that Americans live prevent many from cooking for themselves.  So off to the drive thru they go!

Excessive caloric intake causes our blood glucose, insulin, cholesterol, fat, homocysteine and other pro-inflammatory hormones to rise.  Consuming excessive calories reduces our life span by the development of age related diseases.

If your patients have tried many programs and continue to fall victim to the battle of the bulge you will want to read more about the various metabolic effects of obesity. 

I have used many different programs in my practice over the years and honestly have found only one or two that effectively restores balance to the body.

The Essence of Health and Vitality program includes a purification program that teaches people to eat properly and purify the body.  This is the best purification program I have ever worked with!  This program was created by Standard Process Inc.  

Patients can begin to identify bad habits such as over consumption or making poor food choices and learn new ones.  Patients can complete a questionnaire to determine if they need the purification program.

These protocols can grow your practice by offering your patients weight loss, healthy lifestyle and stellar supplements.  I create a New Year’s program every January when patients are ready to start a diet program. 

It is a cash program so patients are not reluctant because they have not met their deductible yet!

How many of these patients are in your practice?  Do you want to help more people feel better and control their symptoms?  You need to learn about reversing obesity! 

This can significantly grow your practice and allow you to become the expert in your area!

Protocols such as these and many others can grow your practice!  If you are interested in providing quality nutritional supplements to your patients learning quality protocols is essential.

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