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Successful Weight Loss


The most successful aging discovery was made in 1935.  History was made when animal studies proved that if fed a calorie restricted diet they achieved an extended mean and maximum life span along with delayed age-related diseases.

Since this study 75 years ago many other studies have validated the evidence that proper nutrition induced profound anti-aging effects.  When humans consume a calorie restricted diet, conventional blood markers of aging such as glucose (blood sugar) and cholesterol levels lower.

We all eat too much

As American’s we have become accustomed to large portion sizes and when if we do not get them we feel we are not getting our money’s worth.  Our diet is high in toxic calorie dense foods.   They are inexpensive and effective advertised everywhere we go.

Excessive calorie intake causes our blood glucose, insulin, cholesterol, fat, homocysteine and other pro-inflammatory hormones to rise.  Consuming excessive calories reduces our life span by the development of age related diseases.

Reduce the Number calories consumed and absorbed

Foods eaten must first be broken down by digestive enzymes before they are absorbed into our bloodstream.  Certain foods are absorbed more quickly than others and some are converted into sugar more quickly, spiking the insulin level.  This process can cause metabolic syndrome over time. 

The first action to prevent age related diseases is to reduce the number of calories one consumes in a day.

Improve your gene expression

Along with the calorie restriction diet, gene expression favors youthfulness.  Overeating induces pathologic gene expression favoring the onset of diseases and accelerating the aging process. 

There are now tests that can assist in identifying nutrients that mimic beneficial gene expression observed during calorie restriction which can assist in successful weight loss and ongoing management.

Moderate calorie restriction –It’s not as difficult as you may think!

For many people overeating has become an addiction no differently than a drug addiction.  There are several medications and nutrients that can assist us in reducing the hunger pains and carbohydrate cravings. 

It does not take long for the cravings disappear and you find yourself enjoying fresh whole foods like fruits and vegetables.

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