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Are you suffering from tension?


There appears to be a new disease called Tension!  Many of Americans suffer from this condition.  Many people are tense and anxious, nervous and frustrated.  Do you suffer from dry mouth, or feel like you are suffocating?  Does your stomach feel like its in knots or spasms?  Is chronic muscle cramps part of your daily routine?

The first place to look for a cure is to check for a mineral deficiency.  The simple cure can be mineral nutrition.  Minerals are the major controllers over the nervous system. The alkaline minerals come primarily from greens. 

The primary alkaline minerals are potassium and magnesium. 

These minerals support the parasympathetic nervous system.  The parasympathetic nervous system keeps you calm and helps slow down your body and mind.

The acid minerals come primarily from grains which are part of the typical American Diet.  The predominant acid mineral is phosphorus.  The acid minerals tend to support the sympathetic nervous system. 

This system keeps you going.  Obviously, a balanced nervous system provides a person with plenty of energy, yet allows one to be calm, rested, and peaceful.

We are a country of people who are tense and anxious.  Too many people eat too many grains and too few vegetables.

The common American diet supplies too many acid minerals and too few alkaline minerals, leading to a nation of tense, spastic, dried out, and crampy people.

The treatment of choice for the conventional medical community is tranquilizers.  STOP!  Organically bound minerals can become your next best friend.

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