My physical needs were met and Dr. Muth, besides being very knowledgeable, has a great, caring bedside manner. I never have to wait for very long to be seen after I arrive.


Love Dr. Brown. He takes his time to answer all my many questions. He is very smart and knows his stuff. I feel like I am in good hands with him.


Dr Brown and Sonja Hentz have been amazing in dealing with my son’s health issues.


I am pleased with the level of care we receive at Serenity. My daughter recently took part in the new Bio-Terrain Treatment & I am very pleased with Dr. King & Wendy on their promptness and level of service. They have explained each step of the way, have answered all of our questions and made us feel comfortable. Dr. Brown is our doctor for both of my daughters and myself. We are very pleased with Dr. Brown. He explains each lab result, test, and medication in depth and answers any and all questions we may have in regards to treatment. Ember is a wonderful nurse. She is very prompt when answering the phone and answers any questions or concerns as quick as possible and is always patient on the phone. She has reassured me through a number of horrible Pans flares & herx reactions for myself. Sonja is just remarkable. I really enjoy listening to Sonja and how to heal the body naturally. She has helped us alongside Dr. Brown in some very horrible times. When my daughter wouldn’t take to oral antibiotics Sonja quickly came up with an alternative treatment to help her get through. Your staff at Serenity is wonderful . I refer many new people to your office because we have had such pleasant results.


Dr. Debra Muth was such a huge help to me when my son was struggling with “out of the box” health issues. I tried going to several medical doctors and found no help. I was struggling to find any professional to listen to me or help me, but they all sent me to another specialist and none of them seem to listen or have any answers. Finally, I want to Muth and she actually listened to me!!! Also, she said she could help. She was extremely helpful. This was 2008 before she started up Serenity Healthcare. I love the new facility and the location is better for me but see below for comments.


Dr. Muth takes time to listen to my concerns, sharing personal experience at times as it pertains to my similar needs, and suggests viable options for treatment, considering financial ability and convenience.


Sara is always very friendly, kind and doesn’t rush when speaking with her.


Everyone is so helpful, from the ladies at the registration desk to the rest of the nurses and the other staff. I’ve had massages with Wendy and she’s great too thank you for being there for me.


Dr. Muth and Sonja are both very caring providers. They listen and respond with helpful solutions to health problems.


Wendy, Heather, Kayla, Sherri have been helpful, compassionate, competent, and caring.


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