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Beating the odds with Thermography.
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Get up to a 10-year headstart on disease detection with Thermography.

Thermography detects numerous diseases up to 10 years sooner than radiation diagnostics like MRI, mammograms, and x-rays. This is because your body’s natural healing capabilities rush extra blood to areas that need repair - even before symptoms arise.
Inflammation is an early indicator of disease
Thermography results guide Serenity’s providers to prescribe custom preventive protocols to stop disease in its tracks. We may even reverse clandestine illness by discovering its root cause.
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Thermography is non-invasive, painless, safe, radiation-free, and FDA-approved.

Using digital imaging, we take a snapshot of where your body shows abnormal heat emissions.

The color mapping image of your body shows the areas of your body that are cool (with the color blue). In contrast, warmer areas show shades of green, yellow, and finally red - where there is an indication of increased blood circulation associated with inflammation.

Thermography body scans are essential to determine where your disease focal points reside.
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Help is on its way for Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, Digestive Disorders, and Cognitive Issues!

There is a direct correlation between the severity of the illness and how aggressive the treatment needs to be.

Avoid radiation, harsh medications, and unpleasant secondary side effects. If you are pre-disposed to a chronic health problem, we want to catch it as early as possible.

Serenity is passionate about keeping you on the path to holistic health. Preventive protocols are our secret to wellness.

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We’ve been employing Thermography to help patients for over a decade

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