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Vitamin D and Bladder Cancer

Linking low levels of vitamin D and bladder cancer

Many people know that they get vitamin D from milk and being outside in the sun, but what many people do not know is the potential health hazards of low levels of vitamin D in your body. At our natural medicine clinic in Milwaukee, we are proponents of nutritional health, so we were very interested in a recent study* that linked low vitamin D and bladder cancer.

The study found that vitamin D may help stimulate an immune response to bladder cancer

Researchers at the University of Warwick reviewed seven studies that investigated the role that vitamin D plays in bladder cancer. Five of the seven studies they reviewed did show a link to low levels of vitamin D and bladder cancer.

The researchers also conducted their own experiment investigating the cells that line the bladder, known as transitional epithelial cells. Their experiment showed that the transitional epithelial cells activated and responded to vitamin D. They believe that this response can stimulate an immune response.

This immune system response could potentially play an important role in cancer prevention. If the system can identify abnormal cells before they become cancer cells, it could prevent bladder cancer.

Vitamin D and bladder cancer – what’s the solution?

While researchers acknowledge that more studies need to be conducted before they can conclusively connect low levels of vitamin D and bladder cancer, they agree that the potential for vitamin D to prevent cancer is very promising and exciting, especially since vitamin D is inexpensive and readily available to the general public.

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that you can obtain through food sources, sunlight or supplements. Here are a few of the important roles that vitamin D plays in the body.

  • Vital for bone growth and strength
  • Helps the body properly absorb calcium
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps modulate cell growth

The integrative medicine team at our natural medicine clinic in Milwaukee can help you achieve your best health. For more information about low vitamin D levels and an increased risk of bladder cancer, contact us.


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