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Weight Management


Serenity Health Care Center will help you to achieve your optimal weight goals.

Many people suffer from obesity in America.  Over the past twenty-five years our diets have changed dramatically.  We have become a fast food society even though we know we should be eating healthier.  There is more to weight loss than calories in calories out.  When the body has been exposed to a lifetime of dieting, large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates damage to the hypothalamus occurs.  It is important to detoxify the body and repair the body from a lifetime of poor habits.

Serenity Health care has several weight loss programs for any person looking to lose the excess weight.  It does not matter if you have ten pounds or one-hundred and ten pounds to lose we will work with you.

Everyone is unique and we want you to be successful. For some of our patients merely getting their hormones in balance, or treating adrenal fatigue and thyroid conditions is enough help for them to lose weight. Others have been challenged with weight issues for many years and require a different type of support.  We offer weight management programs that utilize hypnosis, detoxification, and Dr. Simenon’s protocol using HCG.  Our bariatric program will assist you with all your weight loss needs.

HCG Weight Loss Program

Dr. Muth was one of the first practitioners in Wisconsin to offer the popular diet program developed from Dr. Simeon’s known as the HCG diet.  Dr. Muth has been using this protocol for over five years successfully helping people reach their goal weight.  Our structured program can be adapted to help anyone that is committed to losing weight and changing their lives.

Our staff has been professionally trained and many have personally used this program.  They are happy to reassure interested patients that they do not feel hungry, and they have energy. What is most exciting; this program eliminates your abnormal body fat, targeting those difficult areas.  This program is not for someone with less than ten pounds to lose. The program requires commitment of a restricted diet followed by a maintenance program that will teach you how to maintain your new weight.

At Serenity Health Care Center we offer patient’s the support needed to complete the HCG program. This program is based on a healthy eating approach, detoxification, and a medical evaluation with appropriate follow-up.  For those who struggle with emotional eating Hypnosis and Auricular Acupuncture is offered to assist with any complications that may arise.  Most of all our staff will be there for you every step of the way.

Dr. Oz review HCG see what he has to say.  Dr. Muth follows the same recommendations as the expert Dr. Oz interviewed.

Individual Weight Loss Plans

Serenity Health Care Center is also able to offer weight loss plans that are customized for you.  Our lifestyle coach is happy to work with you. Some plans may include supplemental support; others may just involve behavior modification. Our bariatric program includes evaluation of cholesterol levels, blood sugar and sleep apnea.  We look at all the possibilities that not only cause your weight loss but many of the health problems that are a result of the excess weight.

If you need assistance in reaching your goal weight once and for all feel free to call Serenity to set up an appointment to find the right weight loss program for you, 262-522-8640.

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