Wine & Glyphosphate


The advocacy group Moms Across America sent 10 samples of wine in to be tested by Microbe Infotech Lab in St. Louis.

The samples came from vineyards of all sizes—from very small to very large operations… The vineyards included those that use modern agricultural practices—as well as those that are “organic.”

They ALL tested positive for glyphosates.

Even the ones that had never been sprayed with Roundup (the trade name of Monsanto/Bayer’s toxic glyphosate herbicide).

Levels were much higher in crops that were sprayed directly with pesticides and herbicides—but even those that did fall victim to the reckless use of these toxins on our food supply.

Here’s another interesting tidbit:

Glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic. So, now it is not only going to be in our food source, it could be used as an antibiotic. We know that the glyphosate damages tissues, we can also be sure that it’s also disrupting our microbiomes.

Studies have shown that it favors harmful bacteria growth while inhibiting the good stuff.

Obviously, it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid glyphosates without sourcing food from remote farms—far away from “modern” agricultural practices.

With the good weather coming, I would encourage you to go to farmer’s markets and talk to farmers about how they grow their foods and what they use – so you know exactly what happens to your food.

Avoid processed foods wherever you can.

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