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Are you Wired and Tired?



“Tired and Wired”

Can you relate to this story? Do you always feel tired? Are you busy from the time you wake in the morning to the moment you lay your head on the pillow at night. Do you wear many different hats such as mother, professional, wife, coach, cook, chauffer, caretaker, and more?

Do you have a great relationship with your partner, but rarely have time to spend together, and intimacy is definitely not a priority.

Have you wondered where the weight gain has come from and you have tried everything but can’t lose it?

Do you feel anxious, foggy-headed, and stressed? Yet despite the busy days and the feelings of exhaustion at the end of them, you cannot sleep!

These symptoms are commonly referred to as being “tired and wired,” and are due, in part, to hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances. It’s also called adrenal fatigue.

The adrenal glands work all day long. A healthy adrenal gland, responds to stimulation from cortisol in the morning. The highest level of cortisol is produced in the morning and declines over the course of the day, allowing relaxation to occur to prepare for a restful sleep at night.

However, when the body and mind are under persistent stress, demand for cortisol is constant that then results in dysregulation of cortisol production at various times during the day.

With constant stress (both real and perceived) the adrenal glands become unable to secrete adequate amounts of cortisol thus setting the stage for dysfunction or adrenal fatigue.

There are three known phases of Adrenal Fatigue also known as wired and tired. Phase 1 is the first phase where cortisol is mildly imbalanced and is usually the easiest to recover from with life style changes. Phase 2 usually involves morning cortisol to be depressed and nighttime cortisol is usually higher keeping you awake at night.

This phase can take between one and three years to heal. Phase 3 is the most advanced phase and takes the longest phase to heal from usually three to five years.

There are lifestyle changes that can be made to assist in the recovery of adrenal fatigue.

Choosing mediation, spiritual growth, mild exercise like Yoga or stretching, eating regularly meals, sleeping six to eight hours a night.

Supplements can be used to support the adrenal function like Vitamin C, Ashwaganda helps to counteract the effects of occasional stress, Cortisol Calm maintains cortisol levels, L- Theanine is used to reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation.

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