At Serenity Health Care Center we don’t become aware of breast cancer just during breast cancer awareness month. We are aware all year ’round, we are concerned for the health and well-being of our female patients. We work with you to prevent breast cancer and manage your breast cancer detection screenings. We utilize this month to encourage our patients to get yearly detection tests for breast cancer.

Dr. Debra Muth recommends DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography) over mammography for her patients. Thermal imaging is non-invasive, is 90% accurate for detection of cancer (vs. 75% for traditional mammography), and detects cancer up to 10 years sooner than traditional mammography.1 DITI gives the practitioner a visualization of the body’s temperature.  Abnormal physiology presents as a different colors within the scan. DITI is especially useful in younger women whose breasts are denser. Serenity Health Care Centerhas the equipment and knowledge available to give its patients DITI on-site in Waukesha. It’s an excellent tool in breast cancer detection.

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