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Your Athlete and Chiropractic Care


By: Dr. Heather King DC, Serenity Health Care Center

What do Aaron Rogers, Greg Mathews, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods and Evander Holyfield all have in common? 

They all see a chiropractor regularly.  Chiropractic care has been endorsed by most major professional and amateur sports associations and is used by athletes competing in both professional and amateur levels.  Whether it is the Super Bowl, Olympics, high school or youth competition, chiropractic care can help all athletes improve their game.

Chiropractic care is a safe, conservative noninvasive treatment approach to musculoskeletal complaints. Expert chiropractic treatment is effective in treating pain and discomfort in:

  • All areas of the spine
  • Feet
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist and hand complaints

My primary goal for patients is to reduce and eliminate pain while addressing associated nervous system dysfunction.  Regular chiropractic treatment can help everyone function at his or her highest levels.  Injuries are a part of every athlete’s career.  Depending upon the type of injury chiropractic care can be an important part in helping athletes return to play.  A sore hip or foot might not sideline an athlete but can cause pain when running or jumping.

Having an evaluation by a chiropractor can help determine the cause, especially when there is no evidence of fracture or tear. 


Understanding Body Mechanics

Watching a high school volleyball player perform a spike over the net, they throw up the right arm and shoulder back and bring it forward with enough force to spike the ball to the floor.  The mechanics of that motion involve not only the spine but also the shoulder and surrounding muscles.  With this complex motion, it is easy to see how if one minor piece is not functioning properly it can cause her not to hit the ball as fast but slow down the entire process of spiking the ball.

Looking at the shoulders, I want them to be fairly even accounting for a difference in muscle tone due to increased use on the right side.  Examining the shoulder blade and surrounding area, we evaluate to see what could cause a biomechanical difference in her motion.  Muscle spasm along the edge of the shoulder blade, misalignment at the head of the shoulder, tightness in the front of the shoulder all could be some of the reasons she is not performing at her highest level.  A chiropractor can address all these problems.

Whether you enjoy spending your time kneeling in the garden, throwing a baseball towards home plate or tackling a running back, everyone wants to enjoy those activities pain-free.  Regular chiropractic care can help not only keep you at your top performance but help with the aches and pains that come from performing at your top level.

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