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Phone/Online Consults

Phone Consultations Available For Established Patients

Serenity Healthcare Practitioners offers follow-up visit consultations for established patients. Please ask your doctor or your practitioner if you can schedule your follow-up visit or next appointment via telephone. If our practitioner does not need to conduct an examination, you can discuss your health status, test results and follow-up care from the convenience of your home.

Talk to your Serenity Healthcare Doctor or Practitioner about our convenient telephonic system.

Please note that our fee for a telephonic visit is the same as an in-person visit. Please check with our Financial Office if you have any questions on our rates.

To schedule a phone consultation, call (262) 522-8640

Online/Virtual Consultations Now Available For Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Consultations

Consult with a Serenity Healthcare professional from the privacy of your own home.

Leading the way in alternative medicine and holistic health care, Serenity Healthcare Center is pleased to offer consultations for individuals who are looking for expert functional medicine, holistic and alternative complimentary therapies for a variety of health conditions.

If you would like to learn how to achieve optimal health, schedule an online/virtual consultations. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate healthcare practitioners are here to help you with the following conditions:

  • Hormones and Hormonal Balance
  • Adrenal Stress & Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Conditions (Metabolic Syndrome)
  • Genetic Testing Results Interpretation
  • Gastrointestinal/Digestive Health gastrointestinal
  • Thyroid Health
  • Nutritional Health (Supplements & Diet)
  • Healthy Weight Loss & Maintenance

You will have a one-on-one Internet interaction with your specialized Serenity Healthcare practitioner without coming to our office.

To schedule your consultation, please follow the following submit your request, and we will inform you of your appointment date/time and our virtual/online process.

Please note that this time saving feature is not a healthcare insurance covered benefit. Prior to confirming your virtual consult, we will inform you of the fee. Payment is required prior to the visit.