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Health Resources for Serenity’s Patients Who Want to Know More

Get educated about your health and Functional Medicine

Our Integrative Medicine center near Milwaukee [home] considers patients a valuable part of our Functional Medical team because only you can consistently implement the treatments.

You will partner with us as we tackle your healthcare issues to achieve optimal health.

By providing you with additional educational information and resources, we try to empower you.

Explore Serenity’s resources section and often return for new information and updates

We’ve included something for everyone:

Lab Tests

Did you know that you can order lab tests online? Of course, you will need an experienced Serenity professional to evaluate the results and then guide you through the right holistic treatments and protocols.
Feel free to delve into what tests you can order!


Listen during your breaks, gym time, ironing or commute. There is no cost.

Gathering information about your health directly from a trusted Serenity practitioner has never been easier.

Recipes and Tips

Nutrition is vital in your general and preventive health care. Therefore, we offer recipes in our Serenity Health Kitchen and educational resources such as “10 Tips for a Gluten-Free Kitchen.”

Supplement Store

Order high-quality supplements from our online Supplement Store as recommended by your health care team.

These supplements meet the quality standards that guarantee vitamins and supplements’ efficacy.

Online Video Appointments

Are you a patient that travels, lives abroad or needs remote care? Your provider is happy to stay in touch with an online appointment if you need one!

Please remember that our time zone and office hours still apply, but exceptions are sometimes possible.

Lifetime Membership to Serenity U

We invite you to sign up for our Serenity U program.

You will receive access to over 100 videos and numerous downloadable PDF files that teach you about alternative medicine and how to take care of yourself.

Discover the nuts and bolts about Serenity Health Care Center

We understand that insurance information can be tedious, but it’s something that patients need and want to master in order to optimize their care. We’ve included a FAQ’s section that may provide you with helpful information.

Our health care team does our best to provide patients with the resources we believe will enhance their knowledge and education. Our goal is to treat the whole person – body and mind. Having this information readily available is helpful and therapeutic.

Of course, every member of our team is always willing to answer questions and provide information in person—our people are one of our best resources!



Here are some questions we are often asked.
Feel free to ask any questions by submitting a contact form to us, our team will contact you with an answer or advise you what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions