Our integrated medicine center near Milwaukee considers patients to be a valuable part of our functional medical team. We believe that providing educational and informational health resources to patients enables and empowers them to participate and partner with us as we treat their healthcare issues and strive to achieve optimal health.

Please take the time to explore Serenity Health Care Center’s resources section, and return often for new information and updates. We’ve included something for everyone.

Your education about functional medicine begins with these resources

Learn more about our practice, testing and health conditions at our Patient Education Media Center. Click on a video when you have a few minutes or watch them all at once—either way, you will become more informed.

Our nutrition resources provide recipes and tips

The members of our integrated medicine team believe that nutrition plays an important role in your general health as well as preventive health care. We offer recipes in our Serenity Health Kitchen and educational resources such as “10 Tips for a Gluten Free Kitchen.”

Order supplements

Order the high quality supplements that our health care team recommends from our on-line Supplement Store. These supplements meet the quality standards that we believe are so important in order for vitamins and supplements to be the most effective.

Learn about upcoming events

Our integrated medicine center near Milwaukee offers many classes and seminars in the area, so return to this area of our health resources section for the latest details about what is happening and when.

Discover the nuts and bolts about Serenity Health Care Center

We understand that insurance information can be tedious, but it’s something that patients need and want to master in order to optimize their care. We’ve included a FAQ’s section that may provide you with helpful information.

Our health care team does our best to provide patients with the resources we believe will enhance their knowledge and education. Our goal is to treat the whole person – body and mind. Having this information readily available is helpful and therapeutic.

Of course, every member of our team is always willing to answer questions and provide information in person—our people are one of our best resources! Contact us today.

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Coronavirus Update

Our highest priority continues to be the health and well-being of patients and anyone in need of any of our services. Moving forward through these uncertain times, as an option we offer TeleHealth services to help you stay healthy and strong in the comfort of your own setting.

Suffering from Long-Haul COVID? Ask Us About Testing and Treatments available to help you heal faster.